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Credit Bureaus are prone to errors and they happen often and this could affect your credit score and financial security. Sometimes there could be a misspelling of names and mishap on late payment or a credit line that may seem open but is actually closed. These are scenarios that are disputable. That we could help you at any time to secure the inaccuracy of those mishaps and restore your credit score in order for you to keep on your life with security.That is the main reason we must all check our reports regularly and ensure they are up to date.

What is a dispute?

Disputing your credit involves sending an inquiry to a credit bureau based on an error found on your credit report. Whenever one checks their credit report it's important to look for errors on that sheet. The solution to finding an error is to have a credit dispute.

How to start the investigation?

Before you begin your journey, understand that it is very important to know where to obtain your report. You can get your own report by going to

1.) Send A letter

To the three major credit bureaus one should send a letter either via mail or email either or talked to a representative on any of the National Credit Bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) Keep in mind that each credit Bureau has their own way of disputing these claims and correcting them or eliminating them. We will help you construct such a letter in order for you to dispute your claim.

2.) Contact the credit history Distributors

Also known as data furnishers, they are the ones that provided the information to the credit bureau.. Data Furnishers under the FCRA are responsible for investigating disputes and correcting inaccuracies. If those data furnishers have submitted to the credit bureau incorrect personal information, late payments, debt amount, ect.. You could contact them directly in order to dispute these claims.

3.) Wait for a response and results

Investigations usually last within 30 days. One the investigation has come to halt and a conclusion has been made then they have five day to report it to you, If they find that such dispute was invalid they will be adamant about not removing the error. They will give you a free report of the dispute and the results and it does not count as your free report. The credit Bureau can deem a dispute “frivioulus for such cases as these down below:

1.) Try to investigate the same error without change in evidence

2.) Claiming everything is inaccurate.

3.) If your dispute does not solve your problems, contact the Credit Grantor directly.