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How To Maintain Your Credit Score?

Everything you need to understand credit is here on this page.

In order to maintain a high credit score, there are many key factors that FICO considers in order to maintain that status. Sloppiness isn’t allowed but more a meticulous regiment regarding your credit score is needed in order to have a higher credit score. Of course, remember your credit score determines what you’re going to do with your financial status, either buy a house, a car, or maintain a stable phone bill. Credit is used in our society in almost everything that deals with purchasing. Lenders need to rely on these prerequisites in order to feel safe lending over their money to people

Payment History(35%)

LEnders take a look at your payment regiment in order to see if you pay on time. If a company or lender lends you money they are expecting an adamant return on the money since they trusted you. Taking a look at someone's payment history can give an idea of someone's regiment with other lenders. This keeps other lenders aware and safe from default.

Utilization Rate(30%)

The utilization rate or simply could be put as amounts owed takes a look at one's credit and loans in used compared to their total credit line. Some people recommend keeping your utilization rate under 30% of your overall credit limits, if you have 12,000 credit limits try to only use or below $3,600.

Credit History(15%)

Having a longer credit history is better than having a shorter one. Don’t close an account that has been open for years even though the balance stayed at 0 dollars. The cancellation of the account stays on your record and if you keep the credit line it adds to your history and total available credit that the lender may give you.

New Credit Lines (10%)

How often one applies for a credit line affects the credit score. Also the number of times that one inquires a credit score can dramatically affect your credit score, such as if a lenders inquire for your credit score in a short period tod time.

Credit Mixing (10%)

This basically means the amount and variety of credit products that includes credit cards, student loans, debt installments, mortgages, and etc…

Pay Credit Card In Time

The most important factor that plays in one's credit score is the payment history. It is crucial to pay off one's balance every month in time or else, one's credit could diminish drastically.

Pay off those credit balances avoids that risk of having late payment fees, penalty aprs and interest to start climbing. Take into conscious what you are applying for and why you are applying.


All that is needed in order to maintain a high credit is one’s own diligence. Without one could go straight into credit’s gutter and will lack the variety that other people have like houses and new cars. Keeping credit in line helps your future and financial freedom.