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About Master Credit Report

Launched in 2002, we are an experienced, reputed, and family-owned counseling company. Our goal is your success. With us, you get a customized solution to settle your debt, negotiate with the banks we can tailored our process according to your needs and situation.

Moreover, we also empower clients to take control of their financial lives by providing them with the necessary educational resources to navigate the rules and regulations; and gain a strong financial standing.

We only rely on ethical debt negotiation practices because we believe in serving with integrity, professionalism, and transparency.


Areas of Specialization

Our services include:


Credit Report Monitoring

We will match your file with any of our monitoring services so you can take control of your finances.


Debt Settlement

From debt settlement to consolidation arrangement, we help you choose the best strategy to pay off your debt.


Our Video Blog

Watch our informational and educational videos to navigate your way out of debt.


Consult Our Debt Management Experts

Dealing with growing debt and poor credit score alone can be stressful, especially when you don’t have a solid financial background and understanding. This is where our experts can help. Consult our team on how to manage and settle the debt.



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How It Works

At Master Credit Report, we work with you as your trusted partner. We will talk and show you how to deal with collections, and how to navigate on this “credit worthiness” stigma, we take you through a smooth and simple process. If debt is your problem sometimes talking to an expert can be the solution.

One-on-One Discussion

We first sit with you to discuss your financial struggles and challenges, and goals.

Review and Discovery

Our team reviews your credit reports and determines which accounts you would benefit from settle first.

Challenge and Dispute

Next, we request the creditors to negotiate with us. We will present you any settlement offers. You will decide which account you want to pay firs. We will put you at the front road of this scenario.

Advice, Manage, and Monitor

Our experts work with you cohesively to get you out of a mountain of problems that you do not know how to handle while consistently monitoring and addressing new credit issues as or if they occur.


See What Our Clients Say About us

Read testimonies by our satisfied clients:


I had the pleasure of working with Zarela. She came highly recommended and I trusted the person who recommended her. I had an issue with a debt collector unfairly trying to collect a small debt I had with a dentist which was very unfair. This debt collector was ruining very close to perfect credit score as my history has every single bill paying exactly on time. So this debt brought my score down by 100 points! Zarela was very honest and forthright the entire time. if she was not highly recommended by someone I knew, I don’t know how patient I would have been with her and the PROCESS & I probably would’ve second-guessed things that she said since I have never gone through anything like this before. So my advice to you is to TRUST her and this company. They have been in business for many many years and they really know what they’re doing! I am in New York and she is in Florida and even though we are in a pandemic if I could hug her I still would! Thank you so much Zarela, you are a class act and amazing!

Stacey K

When talking about credit we all have different experience, Thanks to this business I was able to live a lifestyle that I have never imagine, I started with the worst credit ever and in less than 6 months, I was able to own my own dream car and be able to have creditors believe in me again. I have the freedom that I did not dream. Thank you Zarela and all the staff that go above and beyond to help me and my family, All I can say is Thank you, Thank you for putting up with me and all my questions, which all the time are millions of them, I never walked out of the office with un-answered questions.


Awesome experience working with Zarela, help me bring up credit score, remove old debt from credit report, constantly answer i call her, easy payment plan, helped me get approved for a new car lease, and new home purchase in a little over a year. going to work on wife's credit now next with her.

Rafael Hernandez

Great place, very professional and bilingual. Great service. Zarella is amazing and has the knowledge to help everyone with credit problems.


Excellent service and very responsive.

Iraida Pons

Excellent service, quite fast and fair in prices, I am very satisfied with the work they have done with my family and with me. We already have the house of our dreams and the cars we needed. Thank you Master Credit Report for your services.



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